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Discussion Post

Discussion Post Write a discussion post responding to the following question: Explain decision support systems and describe the role they play in a business.

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(Roller Brake Test) Brake Testing Assignment Report

(Roller Brake Test) Brake Testing Assignment Report (Roller Brake Test) Brake Testing Assignment Report Assignment requirements: Part 1: Calculations using the sheet provided with the assignment. Note: (The test is done on passenger vehicle) Part 2: Review and Analyse results of part 1 and include Recommendations. Part 3: I have already visited a centre and documented everything. Note: (The test ...

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Adaptive Selling (Marketing)

Adaptive Selling (Marketing) In a one- to two-page paper complete the following: Part 1—Determine your social style (i.e. rational, idealist, guardian, or artisan) using the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II. Tell us which social style you are. Comment on the self-assessment and whether or not you feel the assessment seems valid for you and why or why not. Part 2—Respond to ...

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Reply to 2 stidents for Biblical Course 4.4

Reply to 2 stidents for Biblical Course 4.4 INSTRUCTIONS Read and respond to at least two of your peers’ posts by the end of the workshop. Your replies must add to the conversation by pointing out additional support for the things you agree with, by asking a question that shows critical thinking, or by explaining why you disagree with points ...

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Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior For this blog task, you will determine how to identify different types of market segments and consider the best marketing strategies for reaching them. First, read Chapter 2 in Consumer Behavior and the case study article Under Armour’s Willful Digital Moves. In your blog post, address the following: In the case study article, what market segments were identified ...

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Three things learned this semester…

Three things learned this semester… Choose three things that we have studied from three different centuries in our history, that you did not know about, or surprised to learn it differently from what you you were previously taught.

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shipping industry

Read Case Study and answer three questions Question 1: What role does data analytics play in shaping of an industry? Refer the text above and offer your understanding of it from the perspective of shipping industry. 2 Marks. (250 – 300 Words) Use at least 2 academic references using APA-style. Question 2: What would happen to the shipping companies that ...

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philosophical worldviews

nswer the following questions in 200 words each (minimum 600 words in total). The paper should be no less than 2 pages. INSTRUCTIONS: Each of us has unique experiences and perceptions that shape what we believe about the world. These beliefs and underlying assumptions affect our natural approach to research. Some philosophical worldviews are more congruent with qualitative research, while ...

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Solving Agency Problems

Solving Agency Problems Imagine that you are the supervisor of a certain criminal justice agency. (Choose one from the Rasmussen library such as a case study, or one with which you are familiar and understand in some depth.) In a 2-3 page paper, define one problem that exists within your agency. This problem can be a real issue within your ...

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