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four questions

Select any four questions of your choice and ensure that you answer all parts of the question. Each answer should be at a minimum two- three pages and doubled spaced. You do not have to cite your sources. I encourage you to use the internet to expand your answers with the primary text book.

  1. Who were the “Captains of Industry” and how did they play a major role in the economic development of the United States? Would you describe the entrepreneurs of the late nineteenth century as “robber barons” or “captains of industry”?
  2. What factors shaped the growth of labor unions during the Gilded Age? Compare the aims and achievements of the Knights of Labor, the American Federation of Labor and the Industrial Workers of the World.
  3. What problems did American farmers face in the 1880-90s? What were the objectives of the Grange movement and Farmers Alliance? What was Populism, what were its goals at the Omaha platform of 1892?
  4. Describe the economic, political and social reasons in Europe that led immigrants to migrate to the United States. Contrast “Old Immigration” with “New Immigration.” Mention specific countries from which the immigrants came and discuss the problems they encountered once they arrived in the United States.
  5. What was the origins and philosophical basis of the Progressive Movement and how did it shape political reform? What impact did the muckrakers have on American society? What reforms did American women contribute to the Progressive Movement?
  6. Evaluate the Spanish America War with emphasis on causes, principal theaters of operation, results of the peace treaty, and long term-implications to American foreign policy.
  7. Discuss the significance of the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. Describe the controversy surrounding the building of the Panama Canal? How were the obstacles in the canal controversy overcome?
  8. Discuss the United States intervention in Mexico during the Wilson administration. What were the events that caused this intervention and how was it resolved?
  9. What events led to World War I in Europe? Discuss the events that lead to U.S. intervention into the World War I. Describe Wilson’s Fourteen Points and why did the United States Senate reject the Treaty of Versailles?
  10. What were the causes and consequences of the Red Scare? Was it real or mostly imaginary? What organization was founded committed to protecting civil liberties during the Red Scare which remains in existence today?