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Team GB gymnasts Becky and Ellie Downie targeting Olympic Games gold in Tokyo

Nottingham to Tokyo – Sky Sports News Geraint Hughes and gymnast sisters Becky and Ellie Downie, that are targeting trophy success at the 2020 Olympic Games meet.
Sporting talent running via a family is a common event. Alistair and Jonny have won two softball golds, a silver and a bronze between them when it comes to the Olympics, the Brownlee brothers.
The Downie sisters are different and hope to follow their trophy successes this summer at Tokyo 2020.
Becky (28) won silver at the Uneven Bars in the European and World matches in 2019, while Ellie Downie (20) picked up bronze in the Vault in the Worlds and another in the Identical discipline at the European Games.
The set are in age and specialise yet both are peaking on the horizon.
Becky has also witnessed critical changes.
Her experiences, unsurprisingly, dont mimic those of USA superstar Simone Biles who endured abuse from US National trainer Larry Nasser, but Becky says a culture within gymnastics where the welfare of the athlete was not perhaps as high of a priority as it is now.
She explained:The culture of my sport has changed hugely since I began. The coaching staff have got we have more people and its more about:Yes its a hard and elite game, but it has to be enjoyable and fun.
I feel lots of that was missed since it was likegymnastics is tough, we are going to be rough to you all the time. It is tough, its still tough each day now, but its a different type of hard.
Becky made the point that her sister Ellie in 20 hasnt experienced.
Both are thriving though both admit a desire and pragmatism of their aspirations, and both are in contention to medal for also their loved ones at Tokyo along with their home city of Nottingham.
Even the imperious 22-year-old American gymnast Simone Biles, that boasts a total of 30 Olympic and World Championship medals, is now blocking their shot at a trophy.
Ellie joked:When you get into a final together with her, then you know she is going to win! Were all sort of fighting for third and second which is slightly annoying
Becky specialism is also a connection for Biles, the uneven bars.
She added:Most portions Simone does, its like Usain Bolt in which you know if they do their job they are highly likely to acquire.
Whereas with pubs, its most likely the only device in women [gymnastics] that is open to acquire that is amazing for me personally since it is my occasion!
Witnessing a day session set firmly into view what the two sisters physically put their bodies through in the pursuit of success.
Miraculously, after 20 minutes or so, their ligament, nerves and tendons firing on all cylinders, the sisters contorted their frames cant truly communicate; their character was obvious – victory at Tokyo 2020.