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Discussion 1
Question 1
what town/city are you from and what are the latitude and longitude coordinates? You can use any source via book or website.

Question 2
if you fly across the Pacific Ocean from the United States to Japan, how will the International Date Line affect the day change?
Discussion 2
Check out the seven areas of responsibility of a health education specialist (see page 9 in your text).  What would you propose as the most important one, or the two most important?  Why? Of that one or two, what are the potential conflicts in that responsibility? Or the potential controversy of that responsibility?
The two responsibility that I choose is 1) Assessing individual and community needs for health education. 2) Applying appropriate research principles and techniques in health education.

You will be creating 3 separate posts — one will answer these questions (2 points), one will pose your own original question from the material (1 point), and one will answer another person’s question (1 point). These discussion posts are due by Friday, September 6, at Midnight.

Student response
The most important area of responsibility of a health education specialist is planning effective health education programs. As stated in Planning, Implementing & Evaluating Health Promotion Programs, (pg.4) “the success of a program can usually be linked to the planning that takes place before” putting a plan into action. Without proper planning, the program cannot have the strongest impact on the issue being addressed. Planning and organization needs to be done to avoid problems later on. Organizing, using resources and detailing out guidelines so each area of the plan can be critiqued will make the rest of the program more efficient. Planning is the foundation and all the other areas of responsibility will fall into place much easier. The book lists four reason why planning is important: 1) “forces planners to think through details in advance”, 2)it “helps to make a program transparent” , 3) it is “empowering” and 4)  it “creates alignment” (pg 12).The conflicts and controversy would be getting everyone to agree to the program details. Deciding who will run the program, how to finance it, where and when to implement the program as well as making sure everyone involved is satisfied with the program; such as the community, parents, and other stakeholders.  Response back Agree or disagree


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