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This essay is a mandatory assessment worth 15%. All essays must have the correct title page, be signed by the student & must be submitted to answering the questionl instruction.

i. Read the question carefully before starting your research. Ensure that your

essay is well proof-read, that the

argument flows well and logically, and that you have specifically answered the question throughout. Do
not include

extraneous material; keep to the spirit of the essay question.

ii. ‘Specifically answering the question’ means that you are

keeping focus on the relevant subject matter all the

way through the essay. An essay that tends to NOT answer the question would explain

economic theory in the

abstract (with no link back to the questionlinstruction), or talk about some issue of irrelevance.

b. Have the assignment ready before the due date and time. Late penalties are outlined in the unit outline.

c. Your essay must be: single-spaced, paragraphs indented, text justified, &font size 11 in Verdana, 3cm

margins on the Left & Right.

i. Please follow point c above in its

entirety. Absolutely no double-spacing, otherwise we will have to penalise

(sorry to be pedantic, but single-spacing in Verdana is much

easier for us to read on the screen).

d. The maximum length is 1,800 words (edit it accordingly). Suitable length: 1,600 to 1,800 words.

e. Write it in essay style.

i. Use prose. Divide your essay into paragraphs. Structure it with an introduction, body (divided into the

parts), conclusion and a reference list (A-Z) at the end. Do not have to lot of sub-sections or discussion based on
the ‘point form’ method. Make sure your essay flows. The introduction should tell the reader what you are going to
write about; the conclusion should only summarise your argument and findings.

ii. You may find it useful to consult the material in the academic writing guide on the Curtin

Business School’s website, as this includes sections on essay writing and referencing (follow the link to ‘writing & study skills support’ at http:llwww.business.curtin.edu.aulbusinesslcurrent-students).

f. Incorporate wide-reading into your research methods, and

include a reference list (works referenced in essay), not a bibliography (works read).

This is not an extensive research assignment, but you are expected to read widely beyond the textbook.

Students must undertake their own literature search. It is your responsibility to track

down relevant references. You are expected to be able to interrogate the Library’s full-text databases to identify and access seminal and recent

contributions in the literature. Students should not restrict themselves to web based material. On referencing, do
not plagiarise (see below). Referencing is a (standardised) method of acknowledging any sources of information

and ideas which are not your own. Referencing enables you, and the reader, to clearly identify the source of

information in your essay. References should be properly cited in the body ofthe essay, using Chicago (or

i) If you are using a direct quote, put the quote in inverted commas.

ii) Quotes from books should show the author, date and page number.

iii) A paraphrase means that you have condensed a whole paragraph into one or two sentences of your own. In

such cases, you must acknowledge the reference source but do not put it in inverted commas. However, changing

one or two words from a quote is NOT a paraphrase, nor is it a quote, so do not do this. Just use the

iv) Internet sources should identify the writer (if available) and the title and the date, plus the date accessed.

v)For a more in-depth guide, see style: http:llIibguides.library.curtin.edu.aulreferencing

g. Proof-read your essay over and over again (and get someone else to proof it).

i. You will probably have to rewrite your essay a number oftimes before a satisfactory result is obtained. As
you proceed, tighten your arguments and structure. Polish your style and grammar. Use clear and concise language.
The simplest words and constructions are often best. Check that your argument flows well and logically.

h. DON’T PLAGIARISE. You may be asked to explain your assignment verbally.

All assignments must be accompanied by an Assignment Attachment Form or a student’s own Cover Page
containing the student’s name, student ID, unit name, tutorial day and time, and tutor’s name. Students should

allow a 2 to 3 week marking turnaround for written assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to keep

electronic copies oftheir assignment.


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