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week 2 ass. 2

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Ashford 3: – Week 2 – Assignment 2

Critiquing Internet Sources

Today, the Internet provides an unprecedented amount of information by way of blogs, videos, and podcasts. Conduct a critique of one blog, one video, and one podcast, which provide information that addresses the topic of your Final Research Paper. Assess the authors’ use of bias, validity, and applicability of information. Examine the influence of web-based information on global citizenship and multicultural understanding. Then, compile a list of three factors you believe should be considered when evaluating Internet sources for use in researching information.

The paper must be three to four pages in length (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. In addition to the three multimedia sources you are analyzing, support your points with at least two scholarly sources. One of the scholarly sources must be from the Ashford Online Library. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page. For information regarding APA, including samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar.

Educational Research

Research topics:

• Ethical practices in managing environmental pollution and degradation

• Rehabilitation of drug users: the role of counselling and guidance in eradicating drug and substance abuse

• Managing peer pressure in adolescents: the role of teachers in instituting behaviour change

Methods of narrowing the research topic

Ask the question “who.” Essentially, this seeks to identify the subject in the research paper. It identified the main target of the research questions. The question equally seeks to help the researcher recognize the sampling frame of the researcher. Secondly, the researcher should propose the questions “when” and “where.” “When” explores the duration of the research project while “where” outlines the research location. Self-interrogation of these questions in relation to any research topic is essential in narrowing down a research topic (Wheeldon, 2009).

Secondly, brainstorming is equally important in narrowing down to a specific topic in any research (Boudah, 2011). In this method, the researcher lists down some of the random nouns after listing the general topic and assess whether there is capability of asking questions related to the topic in relation to those nouns. This is then followed by the formulation of a thesis statement to help in limiting the scope of the research topic to a specific one.

Scholarly sources relevant for the study

i. Journals: The journals will be relevant in understanding the researches that have been made regarding the topics chosen for the study. To be specific, peer reviewed journals will be used

ii. Books: The use of books will be essential in exploring the thoughts and ideas of other people relating to the topic. The books will equally be essential for literature review


Boudah, D. (2011). Conducting educational research: Guide to completing a major project. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: SAGE Publications.

Wheeldon, J. (2009). Mapping Mixed Methods Research: Methods, Measures, And Meaning. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 87-102.

Final Research Paper

Research the responsibility of a critical thinker in a contemporary society. You may choose any topic that deals with a contemporary social concern. Examine the principles of critical thought in relation to the chosen societal concern, and consider the importance of ethics, moral reasoning, a research-based process to search for truth, and the advantages of information technology in gathering data.

Potential social concerns include, but are not limited to health (e.g., obesity, smoking, or underage drinking), poverty (e.g., homelessness, basic needs, or transportation issues), family relations and dynamics (e.g., teen violence, physical abuse, depression, or suicide), social media (e.g., privacy), immigration (e.g., illegal), and education (e.g., plagiarism and/or cheating).

Your Final Research Paper should:

1.Include a literature review of three scholarly sources based on the selected contemporary issue. Analyze the validity of the author’s arguments and/or biases.

2.Explain how academic knowledge impacts the social elements and institutions of both local and global communities.

3.Assess how the principles of active citizenship could impact the contemporary issue during the next five to ten years.

4.Include at least one reference to a multimedia component (i.e., podcast, interactive website, blog, or video) and evaluate the relevance of this piece in relationship to academic knowledge and the selected issue.




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Watch the documentary film Sicko by Michael Moore (2007). If you did not see it in class, you can see it on “vimeo” if you create a free account.Write an essay, about 5 pages long, in which you respond clearly and thoroughly to prompts. Here is a link that you can go watch the documentary.

Ethics, Business, and American Medical Care

Write an essay, about 5 pages long, in which you respond clearly and thoroughly to prompts (I) — (III).  This essay is your Final Exam and is due no later than the end of the Final Exam on Thursday, May 12 at 12:15 p.m.   (I will be in class from 11:15 a.m. — 12:15 p.m. to collect them.)  No essay will be accepted after 12:15 p.m.  If you send the essay as an attachment to my email hpressman@csun.edu, it must be on my screen, I must be able to open and print it, by the deadline in real time, or it receives a 0.  Once I print it, I will send you a confirmation. Essays are worth 100 points:  90 for content and 10 for grammar. Use 1.5 spacing between lines, 12-point font, and standard margins.  Watch the documentary film Sicko by Michael Moore (2007).  If you did not see it in class, you can see it on vimeo if you create a free account.   Youtube shows it for $2.99.

(I)    Describe the following 4 American cases:  (a) The case of Rick and his table saw.  (b) The case of Tracy Pierce in Kansas City.  (c) The case of Dr. Linda Peano, medical reviewer for Humana.  (d) The case of little Mychelle in Los Angeles.  For each, what happened?  Then explain why each incident was unethical.  How would an ethical system have handled each case?

(II)    Choose any 3 incidents from:  Canada, England, or France (pick one).  What happened in each case?  Describe each of the 3 scenes you chose and explain how each case was handled ethically.

(III)    Do online research.  Compare the U.S. government’s annual federal expenditures on education, military, Medicare, Social Security, etc. — broken down into categories and percentages — to the corresponding federal expenditures of the country you selected (Canada, England, or France).  Try to find a pie graph or chart that shows each country’s government’s annual expenditures.  After giving the data showing the two countries’ total outlay, speculate:  Can the U.S. government afford to offer universal healthcare?  Do the two countries’ spend the same percentages on medical?  Perhaps you think enough money is already going to Medicare (everyone in the U.S. over 65 has free medical) but the system is being abused by the insurance companies and hospitals. Perhaps you think too many tax dollars are going to the military.  Perhaps you think taxes should be raised 1%.  Make your case about whether or not the U.S. could afford to do what Canada, England, and France do (remember the U.S. provides free K-12 education from taxes).  Treat this as a business question about taxes, finance, and management.  Explain your view.  Provide the websites you use so I can access them.

Dr. John Geyman:  “The problem with the for-profit healthcare system in the U.S. is the private insurance industry.  Unlike a publicly financed system, it fragments risk pools, skimming off the healthier part of the population and leaving the rest uninsured or underinsured.  Its administrative and overhead costs are five to eight times higher than public financing of healthcare.  Healthcare insurance cares more about its shareholders than its enrollees or patients.”



Concerns on act of racial profiling by police

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Question Set #2

Main Topic: Policing and Security:

Answer question set based on these concerns:

“The act of racial profiling by police and other law enforcement agents has led to unfair treatment of the less perceived people from certain race. Racial profiling or any other discrimination based on one’s looks is a very unfair act on the part of the public officer because it leads to unfair treatment of the affected parties. The current shooting witnessed on minority races in US have brought out the long rooted differences between the affected races and believe that certain race is less important. The huge demonstrations that have follow such shooting and subsequent unpopular court’s ruling is an indication of the feelings of the affected people. Different factors may have force the law enforcers to act in such ways as they believe that these people of minority tribe may be threats to them. They believe that these people are more likely to commit crime than the others. This is a poor judgment and should not be in minds of these law enforcement agents paid from public money. They should treat all the people fairly because I do not believe that they are more likely to commit crime compared to others. Please provide the questions followed by the answer”.

Cite references as per APA guidelines if required.

Provide 275-words on question set below

Do you think these same concerns were present before and only highlighted now by a more aggressive media or by the availability of smart phone technology which more readily captures incidences?


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